It is important to understand how Subsurface Utility Engineering can help you and your project. Below are a few commonly asked questions; as always contact us for a more comprehensive understanding of our approach. (contact us Link)
What is SUE?
Subsurface Utility Engineering is an ASCE defined process of delivering accurate subsurface utility data to clients in order to avert costly project accidents and delays.

How do we collect and deliver SUE data?

  • Existing document analysis and review.
  • Sight Surveys.
  • Utility designation, locating, and mapping.
  • Electronic ASCII, AutoCAD DWG, or PDF as well as sight notes and drawings, and test hole certification documentation.

How would I benefit from SUE?
Utilizing the SUE process will drive cost savings to your bottom line by insuring accurate planning and design data, accident prevention, and job delay prevention.

  • Project delay reductions due to utility relocates
  • Project contingency fees reductions
  • Loss of service for any utility client
  • Fewer accidents
  • Less re-designs
  • Reduction in claims