Detecting hidden leaks is complex process. With our state-of-the-art equipment, Amerimark is helping property owners save countless dollars in costly property damage and destruction as well wasted money on huge water bills.

Unexpected pipe damage can occur at any time for many reasons including climate change, earth movement, construction activity among others. The longer the issue goes unresolved the more likely it is to cause property damage and make repairs more costly.

Amerimark uses a combination of equipment to verify leak locations. We will use infrared imaging or amplified listening devices to depending on the type of leak.

Types of leaks we detect:

  • Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Water line leaks
  • Fountain leaks
  • Spa Leaks
  • Concrete Slab leaks
  • Wall leaks
  • Sewer and drain leak detection

Our job is to locate the leak. Any leak, any kind, anywhere. We have the equipment and the expertise to find it.