Service overview – Amerimark’s services include sub-surface/underground locating projects: including finding utilities, cables, plastic pipe, metal pipe, transit pipe, buried drums and police evidence. We also provide leak detection for infrastructure including swimming pools, municipality service lines, irrigation and fire systems, and sub-surface and sub-slab service lines. We are experienced in locating and working with cable, electric, fiber-optics, gas, phone, sewer, and water.

Sub-surface Utility Locating Projects: Cables, Conduit, Culverts, Drums, Lines, Pipes

Major Infrastructure Locating Projects
On large construction projects, Amerimark can locate the hard-to-find utilities that have been buried for years. Our technically advanced equipment and years of experience are the keys to our success. We locate all utilities.

Commercial Locating Projects
We provide underground utility locating services for engineering firms performing bore testing within and around buildings.

Residential Locating Projects
To keep a remodel project safe, call us before you dig. We will locate and flag underground utilities, pipes and irrigation systems to prevent costly mistakes.

Additional Locating Projects
Amerimark provides services for a variety of locating projects, including finding underground cable, plastic pipe, transit pipe, and buried drums. We can also assist any division of law enforcement and police with locating evidence.

Non-Conductive Utility Designation
Some underground utilizes can be housed in non-conductive conduits which adds to the challenge of locating, identifying, and recording the layout. We are well versed and technologically prepared to locate these types of implementations and deliver a comprehensive report to our clients.

A few typical types of non-inductively identified buried materials are:

  • Concrete pipes
  • Plastic conduit or PVC pipes
  • Vacant conduits